Case Study: Camera Factory - Mead Gallery

Case Study: Camera Factory - Mead Gallery

This series of workshops at Warwick Arts Centre's Mead Gallery was held in connection with the Jeremy Deller curated exhibition 'All That Is Solid Melts Into Air.' The workshops involved the audience making their own pinhole cameras from recycled materials following a production line inspired by the industrial theme of the exhibition.

They were then able to take portraits of themselves dressed as characters from the exhibition within a historic studio setting, learning about the history and science of photography as well as making aesthetic descions.

Cameras could then be decorated, turning a functional item into something aesthetic inspired by the exhibition which illustrated a move from the industrial to a service based entertainment industry. 

There were a wide range of participants from the general public as part of a family day at the weekend to primary schools throughout the week, who were all engaged and produced some excellent images.

Comments on the workshop included;

Thank you for a wonderful day. We thoroughly enjoyed the visit and thought everything was well organised and interesting for the children. They had a fantastic day and they are excited to see their photos! Thank you.  

Templars Primary School

Thank you so much for sending through the photographs! What a fantastic experience for the children, they both love the images and it sparked a conversation about the science behind photography which was great!!

Sarah Worth